Some thoughts

Well, I must say that I never thought I'd love another character as much as I do Lord Voldemort, especially one to come so late in the series, but wow. Fenrir Greyback was a wonderfully written character. I was left wanting to see him more and to know him better. I fell in love with his character from the moment he was introduced. Amazing. Since I am now left waiting for more I've been digging a little deeper into his character. Theorizing, coming up with thoughts, writing short stories involving him, etc. He is such an interesting, unique, strong, smart, twisted, highly influential, character. He is able to use what he is to his advantage, and he is able to go about bringing his plans to action in very successful way. He does not think of being a Werewolf as a curse. Instead of attempting to fit in with the "normal society" and thus settling for second best, he embraces who he is and takes it to the most extreme level. I do not blame most of the Werewolves siding with Voldemort. They really have nothing to lose. They want better lives and Greyback has convinced them Voldemort can give them just that. Greyback in turn has been promised prey in return of his services. Fenrir certainly isn't loyal to anyone but himself. He does not like normal Wizards, but his service to Voldemort is benefitting himself perhaps more than any other. He's getting exactly what he wants and he enjoys doing it. Greyback is also a very hard worker like Voldemort is. He does whatever is necessary. I assume he most likely did not go to school (at least not for all seven years, assuming he would go to Hogwarts) but has still done so many great things. He does not take the easy way to get what he wants. He is a great leader who has impressed me much. He is a huge threat and should in no way shape or form be taken lightly. He is capable of much damage. He has already affected so many people's lives and continues to do so. He is a very determined individual with such a strong personality.

Looks and the like

A big, rangy man with matted gray hair and whiskers. His black Death Eater robes looked uncomfortably tight. He had a voice like none that Harry had ever heard. He had a rasping bark of a voice. He smelled of dirt, sweat, and blood. His filthy hands had long yellowish nails. He had pointed teeth.

A more detailed description

Fenrir was the Werewolf that bit Remus when he was a child. He bit Lupin because his father had offended Fenrir. Fenrir Greyback is perhaps the most savage Werewolf alive today. His mission is to bite and contaminate as many people as possible. He is working to make enough Werewolves to overtake the Wizards. He is also a Death Eater for self-gain, as are many of the Death Eaters. Voldemort promised him prey in return for his services. Fenrir has a thing for children. He bites them young and raises them away from their parents. He raises them to hate the normal wizards. He is a savage and does not feel like a "normal person" does. Providing service to Voldemort is giving Fenrir exactly what he wants anyway, the children. It works out. Those from the Wizarding World know Voldemort does whatever he needs to achieve what he desires, and Fenrir certainly would not turn down such a an opportunity. They are both threats on their own, but when you bring them together you're in for some serious trouble. To me, he is very vital part in the war overall. He is a very feared Werewolf and it is known he has been and is used as a threat, and that is usually works. He is also very vital to Voldemort. The threat of unleashing Fenrir on people's children I imagine has a high success rate. Even childless adults fear him. Fenrir being a friend of the Malfoy family enabled Draco to use him to intimidate Mr. Borgin, a shop keeper in Diagon Alley, to do what he said. This threat was also a success. When Werewolves transform they are no longer themselves. They will hurt/kill anyone. To prevent this a Werewolf could take Wolfsbane Potion, which prevents the transformation. And/or they could make sure they are in a place where they are not a danger to others. Lupin, at first, felt pity for Greyback thinking he had no control of what he was doing. Since Lupin is a Werewolf himself he knows how it feels. Greyback is not like that. At the full moon he positions himself close enough to victims, ensuring he will be near enough to attack. Fenrir is as much of a threat out of his Werewolf form as he is in it. He feeds, he kills, even if he is not transformed at the time.

It is known in this series that certain creatures are ostracized. Many are misunderstood, Werewolves included. Instead of forming to their ways he chooses to embrace who he is, and to carry it out to the fullest extent. Even those Werewolves who try to fit in with the normal wizards are still treated with a stereotype. They are not allowed to do what the other Wizards because of the fear many people feel. No matter what anyone says a Werewolf will not be able to live as a whole Wizard does. Take Lupin for example. No matter how hard he tries to conform to their standards he is unable to live like the rest of them. He wasn't even allowed to enter the school until Dumbledore. He eventually had to resign from his job because of the fear and drama that would have caused. Werewolves live like criminals and beasts. After being treated like that for so long it is not so hard to understand why some would chose to embrace the lifestyle that Fenrir does. For many of the Werewolfs, things would have probably worked out differently if they had been treated like humans. Then again we can't know for sure. Fenrir has brainwashed them, most specifically the ones he raised from childhood. Those ones may not have sided with Dumbledore's side even if they had been treated like humans. I do not blame him for wanting to seek revenge and for siding with Voldemort. He has no reason to side with those that have ostracized him and his kind. Though it is not likely he would have sided with Voldemort unless he was gaining what he wants in return. On another note, the opposing side wishes to recruit the creatures that they have ostracized and treated like dirt up until they are needed. That is not the way things work. The Werewolves believe they will have a better life with Voldemort. Greyback has persuaded most of them to his way of thinking.

During the events at Hogwarts, Bill Wealsey was attacked by Greyback. Bill no longer looked the same. Greyback was not transformed at the time he attacked him, so Bill would not be a true Werewolf, according to Lupin. He he may have some wolfish characteristics, though, since his scars are cursed they will never fully heal. Fenrir also attempted to attack Harry, but Harry managed to get away.

Fenrir kills for the thrill of it. Even when he is not transformed at the time. When he is not transformed he cannot possibly gain Werewolves so it is obvious he enjoys what he is doing very much. He is also not afraid to admit it either. He loves the taste of young blood. He is so into being a Werewolf he even looks like one when he is not transformed. He also behaves like one, sounds like one, eats and kills like one. He as no desire to hide what he is. He is proud of it.

I do respect him. He is an intelligent man. He is highly influential and uses what he is to his advantage very well. His idea of biting the children young in brilliant. Raise them away from their parents and away from the world that would mostlikely teach them to fear the Werewolves. He also gains more from it this way. He gets revenge on adults, he can be used as threat, he becomes more feared, he gets blood which he desires so, and he gains more Werewolves that he can raise and mold to his liking. And the more Werewolves he gets, the closer he will get to reaching his ultimate goal.

When reading about him, I feel like I am right there in the story. He emphasizes his words when speaking to someone, to really leave a lasting effect. His actions speak for themselves. He really enjoys what he does, but at the same time it is obvious he knows how to get the job done. His personality is multi-faceted. He has his fun, but also gets the job done. He is, in a nutshell, terrifying. I would love to learn much more about him. His lifestyle is utterly fascinating and it would be great to dive deep into his world. I would love seeing him when he is really at it. Like seeing him when he's transformed, for example. I see him likely playing an even bigger role in the last book. It is hard to believe he would not. He has already managed to make quite an impact in the short time he was there. He is an extremely interesting character who has affected so many people's lives and still continues to do so. He is strong, unique, and, in my opinion, has been a very vital character in the war thus far.

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